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✓ Premium Quality & Instantly Perfect

✓ Exceptional Designs

✓ Long-Lasting & Comfortable Wear

✓ Zero Damage To Natural Nails. Promised!





Snocca press-on nails are far better in quality and style than any other press-on brand I have found and 100% better than going to a salon—cheaper, less time-consuming, longer-lasting, and better looking nails. The seller is outstanding in shipping, packaging, and product.

Disfidare (DEC 2020)

I’m completely obsessed with these nails. They are so easy to use, you can cut & shape them to suit your needs, they stay on for over a week, two if you use glue and they look incredible. I love that these are reusable and I’ve saved time and money from going to a salon. I highly recommend these nails. I can’t wait for more styles to come in.

Kimberly (DEC 2020)

This is my second purchase from Snocca Nails. Great great quality as always! It is much much much better quality than those nails around or under 10 dollars! They are the best press on nails I have tried so far: gorgeous finish, lasting for more than a week and no damage at all to my natural nails. I mean, NO DAMAGE AT ALL! Their glueless nail stickers are amazing! If you hate glue on nails that ruin your nail beds, definitely check these out! They are reusable as well, after one to one and a half week, you can replace the nail stickers and continue to use them over and over again. Given the strong quality, I feel I can use them at least 20 times. It comes with a beautiful plastic box too, giving me a luxurious feeling. Definitely worth the money. I recommend this product!

Nat (May 2020)

These turned out better than I expected! They are significantly less expensive than designed acrylic press on nails and they are really pretty. The length is perfect for the office. I got two sets and I can mix and match them for 3-4 different sets.. I do wish the pinky nail design came in one size larger.

Katrina (Aug 2020)

Truly luxury and reusable! Manicure like this in my local nail salon costs $85+, super excited to find the cheaper solution!

Emma (July 2020)

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